Spanish Books in print Information Distributor

With DILVE, we all benefit.


By: distributing information to as many agents as they wish, with a single load operation; transforming data to different formats (including ONIX); homogenizing dispersed data, normalizing and integrating them into management systems; requesting the registration of new titles with the Spanish ISBN Agency; creating products for information and promotion; for feeding and updating web services…

Booksellers and distributors

By: subscribing to DILVE and obtaining periodic information regarding latest publications and changes in the list of available titles (prices, details of the work…); creating information and promotion products according to different needs (price lists, catalogues, selections…); carrying out cross consultations regarding the whole list of available titles …


By: receiving periodic information regarding latest publications; obtaining contents that may be integrated into initiatives for promoting reading (reading guides, list of recommended books, online reading clubs, monographic web sites…); feeding and updating professional systems for book selection and purchase …

Online stores, book and reading web sites…

By: automatically feeding and updating contents by means of selective data recovery mechanisms; receiving real-time information of the latest publications and changes in available titles…

Media professionals

For: having updated information regarding the latest publications and other data of interest; obtaining contents for dossiers and integrating them in one’s own promotion and distribution publications…

What is DILVE?

DILVE is the technological platform for the management and distribution of the bibliographical and marketing information of Spanish books in print.

It is an Internet-based system, designed for the exchange of information, in a quick and highly efficient way, between the professionals of the book world.

For all the professionals of the book chain Publishers, booksellers, distributors, librarians, online stores, book and reading web sites, the media…

With services for publishers With a single load operation, they can manage and distribute their data to as many entities and agents as they wish.

For users in Spain and all over the world Professionals of the book industry can obtain data in the formats they wish and by means of the transmission mechanisms required, to integrate them into their information, distribution, promotion and marketing activities.

The foremost tool for sharing the wealth of the latest updated information regarding Spanish books in print.

It is not just a repository that centralizes the bibliographical and commercial information of books on sale. It acts as an active distributor for both data input and output. It allows the integration of data for identifying each work together with a wealth of contents aimed at sales (images, summaries and other texts, audio recordings or videos…).

It uses the ONIX international standard of bibliographical information, but doesn’t make its use mandatory. It also acts as a data transformer for loading and obtaining contents in different formats (including ONIX). It is very easy to operate: besides interactive processes (one by one), it incorporates flexible mechanisms for bulk data loading and extraction. It collects complete information about the sector (publishers, distributors…).


In order to have an information management system that can be completed and enriched according to the work plan of each publisher.

In order to automatically distribute the information, with a single load operation, to as many agents as required, according to different prerequisites (type of contents, formats, transmission systems, frequency…).

In order to obtain information according to various requirements (distribution, sales, promotion, information or other services to readers…) in the formats required by the user.

In order to obtain contents for elaborating information and promotion materials based on available data: catalogues, reading guides, lists of recommended books…

In order to be timely informed of the latest publications and changes in the list of available titles according to the user’s specific needs (prices or any other detail regarding the work).

In order to update web sites and electronic book and reading services (shops, recommendation sites, reading clubs…) by means of automatic systems.

It is very easy to register an ISBN

DILVE allows for the application of registration of new titles with the Spanish ISBN Agency using data already incorporated into the system.

After loading the information to DILVE, the publisher can access the DILVE-ISBN application service where it will find the forms already filled with required data.

During the application process, any data correction or modification is automatically stored in DILVE.


It is an open XML-based standard, created and supported by the publishing sector. It is endorsed by ninety institutions from seventeen countries.

It allows for a complete identification of the work: bibliographical, marketing and distribution data, together with other contents (summaries, fragments, reviews, prizes, biographies, cover and other images, audios, videos…).

DILVE uses ONIX, but doesn’t make its use mandatory. The publisher can load its data using simpler text-based formats and DILVE will transform them into ONIX.

FGEE, as a member of the ONIX Steering Committee, has collaborated in adapting it to the characteristics of the book sector in Spain.

Consult this site for applications, manuals and permanent advisory services.